Elect Kim Lehrman Branding Campaign

Before running for Pasco City Council, Kim Lehrman approached me about revamping her existing branding. Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of the campaign’s core values, we crafted a cohesive and impactful brand presence, ensuring Kim Lehrman’s vision was authentically and prominently represented to engage and resonate with voters.¬†

Elect Kim Lehrman logo


Develop a cohesive brand identity for Kim Lehrman that would resonate with voters and ensure a consistent brand presence.


  1. Collaborative Ideation: Worked closely with the client to understand the campaign’s ethos and the values Kim Lehrman wanted to communicate.
  2. Versatile Designing: Created a unified brand aesthetic that could adapt to various collaterals. This included:
    • Logo design that captured the essence of the campaign and incorporated¬†the Cable Bridge as a symbol of the local region.
    • Yard signs for local supporters to display, driving grassroots visibility.
    • Campaign road signs, ensuring a prominent presence in key community locations.
    • T-shirt designs, creating a wearable brand statement for volunteers and supporters.
    • Tote bag designs, offering both a functional and symbolic representation of the campaign.


The newly crafted brand identity not only reflected the heart of Kim Lehrman’s vision but also ensured a consistent, recognizable presence throughout Pasco. By seamlessly blending the client’s values with design aesthetics, the Elect Kim Lehrman campaign stood out, engaging voters with its authenticity and professionalism.
Elect Kim Lehrman Brand Collateral
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Elect Kim Lehrman Campaign